Richard Branson: the future of Bitcoin is already here

richard branson about bitcoin future

In his interview to Bloomberg, multibillionaire and founder of Virgin Richard Branson speculates on the future of Bitcoin and expresses his belief in its progress.

According to Branson, Bitcoin is already functional and gains momentum, and one of the probable future scenarios is the formation of a huge industry based on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Many people cashed in on Bitcoin, but many lost their money. As far as the instability of BTC is concerned, Branson believes that it is not always a drawback. After all, its volatility can help somebody knock up a fortune.

Mr. Branson’s Virgin Galactic commercial spaceflight company has accepted Bitcoin since November 2013, and during  those 10 months there were at least six customers who paid for their future flights in BTC. Sir Richard says if the customer has a lot of bitcoins and is eager to fly into space, he would certainly prefer such customer to spend their funds on a space flight offered by Virgin Galactic, especially since there are several other companies planning to offer such services in the near future (e.g. project SpaceX).

The infrastructure for commercial space flights is all ready, and Virgin’s space rockets are currently being thoroughly tested. According to Branson, they will be ready to send people into space by the beginning of 2015.

Would you agree that through Sir Richard Branson’s involvement the future of Bitcoin is already here?