Snapcard enables 53 million websites to accept Bitcoin

snapcard accept bitcoin

Snapcard cryptocurrency payment processor integration with Wix drag-and-drop web development platform will allow Wix-based websites to accept Bitcoin payments.

In total, over 53 million websites, many of which are online stores and service providers, will get access to Snapcard’s simple drag-and-drop tool enabling customers to shop and pay for services using several kinds of digital currency, including Bitcoin. In order to receive payments in digital currency on their Wix-based website via Snapcard, the merchant will need to create a Snapcard account, and then drag Snapcard’s payment application to their website from the app store.

The company aims to increase global recognition of digital currencies administering to the convenience of both sellers and buyers. Snapcard seeks to provide people with sufficient knowledge about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and thus spur their global spread.

The payment processor has already launched a mobile app for Android, and will soon release an application for iOS. The app will enable merchants to accept Bitcoin payments in offline mode using a single Snapcard account.