A few tips to increase the anonymity of your BTC transactions

how to clean your coins

The revolutionary block-chain tech behind Bitcoin enables you to instantaneously and easily send and receive funds keeping your personal data fully protected, but…

On the other hand, criminals of all kinds are aware of the numerous benefits of BTC as well, and they tend to use it for funding various illegal activities, including drug traffic, fraudulence, cybercrime, terrorism, sexual trafficking, money-laundering, tax-dodging, and other crimes.

The thing is, today it is possible for every single Bitcoin user to cover up the traces of their crypto-transactions easily, without even having to break the law and go into extremes, and that is probably something you don’t really get using the services of conventional financial establishments.

Bitcoin tumblers (mixers) like BitMixer and BitLaunder are among your first choice if you’re looking for an efficient way to secure your identity. Basically, tumblers do the same job as real money laundering teams, but electronically. They divide a ‘whole’ BTC transaction into parts, or, alternatively, interchange equal amounts of bitcoins between different users, in such a manner increasing the transfer anonymity greatly and make it almost impossible to track down BTC senders and receivers.

As you see, you will definitely have to use third-party services to stay completely anonymous when performing BTC transfers. But not all ‘laundering’ apps are that trustworthy, so be sure to double-check who you trust so as not to lose you crypto-funds.

In reality, although the block-chain where the data of Bitcoin transactions is stored does not keep record of sender and receiver ID data, it is still fully dependent on the Internet. As you may have guessed already, if requested users can be tracked down via their IP addresses which the Internet of today is impossible without, and these can lead to Bitcoin processing branching points. This all has nothing to do with anonymity, don’t you think so?