Turning real money into bitcoins becomes easier for gamblers

tether bitcoin

Today, millions of virtual gamblers around the world have access to the most efficient and innovative online services enabling them to exchange and deposit bitcoins.

Any amount in the traditional currency can be easily converted into the desired sum in the cryptocurrency so quickly you couldn’t just imagine it a few years ago.

As of now, there a several top-of-the-line exchange platforms offering various conversion opportunities for players and shoppers. The recent partnership of ShapeShift and Tether is one of the really good examples of fruitful cooperation for the benefit of customers wishing to turn their fiat money into bitcoins. Tether’s part is enabling users to temporarily exchange US dollars into the platform’s custom currency token called TetherUSD that is also included into the list of currencies supported by ShapeShift. Having performed the described exchange transaction, the users of the latter can instantly convert their TetherUSD funds into Bitcoin equivalent. As we may presume, through the collaboration of the two companies the whole Bitcoin casino gaming industry has much greater chances to get a steady surge of new players keen on making deposits in traditional currencies.

Likewise, players used to more classical payment methods can use Cubits services to purchase bitcoins they need for gambling purposes using a special e-wallet. With the help of SoftSwiss, one of the major virtual casino software developers, Cubits is able to offer convenient cryptocoin payment/exchange solutions to both merchants/providers and their clients, e.g. virtual gamblers. Cubits is already offered by a number of BTC casino portals, and it’s popularity with players is growing steadily every day.

It will definitely take Bitcoin gambling some more time to expand its presence in the market of the virtual gaming entertainment service, but it has already gained enough momentum to start outperforming the ‘classical’ Internet gambling. The players’ demands and desire to switch to block-chain-powered Bitcoin payment technologies is impossible to be ignored just like that, as their numerous advantages and unprecedented efficiency are obvious. Modern gamblers are quick to adopt the latest tech achievements in the field of electronic payment solutions, and services like Tether, ShapeShift, and Cubits are very likely to become the digital bridge between the payment methods of the past, and the paperless monetary systems of tomorrow.