Wrte.io: get rid of spam and earn bitcoins for getting e-mails

bitcoin paywall

Thanks to the efforts of a Netherlands-based startup Wrte.io, from now on you can avoid getting unwanted e-mails, and also earn bitcoins for still receiving them.

If you’re eager to know how it all works, just ask Wrte.io founder Ivan Pashchenko, and the first thing you will probably learn is digital currency is fully capable of providing a valid framework to establish a Bitcoin-powered e-mail exchange service. To see for yourself, just go the startup’s official page (guess the address) and get a free public e-mail account there. Now just wait for your first e-mails (and, eventually, coins) to hit your mail box. As soon as someone sends you an e-mail to your Wrte.io address, they instantly receive an automatically generated one-time invoice containing a BTC address and a QR-code. When the payment is finally verified by the service, the message is immediately forwarded by the system to your ‘main’ e-mail address that you specified previously at sign-up. On the project’s registration page, the recipients are free to set up the size of the fee they will charge senders for getting e-mails. The data of all associated BTC payments is recorded in the user’s Wrte.io account, so that they could quickly transfer their rewards to a Bitcoin wallet.

It may happen so that Wrte.io becomes for many the easiest method of earning BTCs. Or not? With about 800 volunteers already registered with the startup, Ivan is to begin beta-testing very soon. Pashchenko explains his startup’s partnership with Stripe, the outsourced U.S. Bitcoin payment processor, was inevitable, as “the current (bitcoin) infrastructure (of the project) is not ready to make the payment flow smooth for users. That’s why we decided to implement Stripe”.

Speaking about the benefits of Wrte.io for different user groups, Pashchenko noted: “We provide the service to create a paywall. If a sender thinks he can have more value from sending his email than the paywall price, he would probably pay for it”. Wrte.io founder mentioned several categories of people who are likely to find the project useful: 1) the ones looking for an efficient solution to stop getting spam, 2) celebrities and notable persons unwilling to be troubled by hundreds of unwanted e-mails, and, none the worse 3) senders themselves if they really want the addressees to receive their messages, including people looking for journalists’ attention.